Observations of a Couch Coach

It has been some time since my last post so I thought I would do something fresh, something that I have become a pro at, being a couch coach. I’d like to give a few thoughts on the biggest games and events of the past few months. Lets begin…..

Orange Bowl – Ohio State vs. Clemson
In football there are 3 phases to a game offense, defense, and special teams. Ohio state is good almost great in two thirds of the equation (offense and special teams) and historically bad in the other. How bad is the defense? How does 115th nationally in pass defense out of 120 schools sound? The silver bullet of old has been firing blanks as of late and changes need to be made. Sammy Watkins of Clemson set a career high in yards (222) against OSU while helping Clemson surpass 40 points and sent OSU to its second straight loss.
So where do we go from here? Well as a professional couch coach there are a few things I would do…
1. Hire some new defensive coaches. Gone already are Withers and Vrabel. A new young mind would be refreshing, one that teaches these players to attack and be aggressive not passive. And for heavens sake please teach the corners to look for the ball in coverage!
2.Put the best players on the field. It took freshman safety Vonn Bell 13 games to become a starter and all he did was have a huge night with an INT. Watkins did burn him once but he had no safety help imagine that. Bell was clearly better than Pitt Brown and would have benefited from being out there earlier. This should be a lesson for next year as some studs are coming in. Remember the name Raekwon McMillian, the number 1 LB recruit in the country out of high school. If he’s as good as advertised lets not pull a Vonn Bell.
3. My final fix is simple, play like an OSU defense. Play mean and aggressive this is THE Ohio State University, the defense typically strikes fear into other teams and we need to get back to that. IF this defense can get better and I’m not saying top 10 or 20 but top half in the country there is a good chance that Urban Meyer and the Buckeyes will be hoisting the crystal ball next year (or whatever the new championship trophy is).

The curse of electronics and social media…

I just came across this video called “I forgot my phone,” which really made me think.

Every morning I wake up and check all of my social media including Twitter, Facebook, Feedly, Instagram, Pinterest (to name a few).  As much as I hate to admit this I typically do all of this before I even say good morning to my significant other.

How many times do we miss a moment because we are too distracted by our electronics? How many times do miss out on quality time with our friends/family because we can’t separate ourselves from social media?

Our lives are precious and short.. maybe it’s time that we put down the electronics and enjoy our time with each other.


What I’m Loving Wednesday

Here are my random recap of my obsessions this week:

App:  Feedly- reading blogs. It is no secret to my family and friends that I LOVE to read blogs.  I downloaded the Feedly ap ponce Google Reader was discontinued (whyyy google?). I love being able to read all of my favorite blogs on the go.


Drink:   Iced coffee- with agave and almond milk. Seriously delicious.


Fashion:  Leather- anything.  Literally anything … leather jackets, leather accents, leather purses, leather shoes.. the list goes on and on.  For example, this leather jacket from Express.

Biker Jacket

Food:  Dried Fruit- particularly mango and raisins.  I bought a pound and a half of dried mango from Whole Foods this weekend … and it’s already gone. Oops!  My favorite is from Trader Joe’s.


Music:  Oh Carry Me- Ladiedottie. This song just makes me really happy. If you haven’t heard of Ladiedottie she has a YouTube channel called “ladiedottie” that follows her daily life.

Recipe:  Paleo Pulled Pork from Paleo Diet Lifestyle. This is the first time we have made pulled pork and it was a huge success. This recipe was SO easy and tasted delicious!


Scent:  Yankee MacIntosh. This candle smells amazing!


Have a great Wednesday :)


5 Things – Buffalo Bulls

It’s finally here! After a long agonizing off-season the first college football week of the year is here. Being a die hard fan this time of year is almost better than Christmas (almost)! So in the spirit of the new football season I am kicking of a new post that I will be doing weekly called 5 things. This will be 5 things that I want to see or expect to see from the Buckeyes each Saturday this Fall and finally the predicted outcome. So with that little intro lets get to it…. 5.


5.  The Freshman

We all know that Urban Meyer can recruit and this past year was no different as he hauled in the #2 rated class in America. With that lofty praise it is now time to see how they fair on the field. The most talked about freshman by far is Dontre Wilson out of Texas. There hasn’t been a more hyped freshman since Terrelle Pryor. Wilson is going to be the starting kick returner and is expected to see around 10 touches a game. I’m calling a kickoff return this Saturday from the young freshman, you heard it here first! Others to watch are E. Elliot and Jalin Marshall. On the other side of the ball watchout for Mike Mitchell at linebacker and Joey Bosa on the line. Regardless this will be a good game to get some meaningful touches for the young guys.

4. The Linebackers


If it wasn’t for man child Ryan Dean Shazier this would be a glaring weakness for the Buckeyes but thankfully we have him and he’s healthy. Besides Shazier though is a big question mark. Will Curtis Grant finally step up and reach his potential and will Joshua Perry hold up on the other side? Remember that freshman I mentioned earlier Mike Mitchell, don’t be surprised to see him play a lot especially if the linebackers struggle. I’m hoping we see some solid play and experience gained on Saturday and I believe we will, remember it is Buffalo.

3. Who’s the #1 running back?

Carlos Hyde had it and blew it and the same goes for Rod Smith.  So who is the next man up? Well that man is 5th year senior Jordan Hall. I love Hall and his dedication to this program and he has the confidence of Urban Meyer so that goes a long way. However, I have always had concerns with him being able to run between the tackles in the Big Ten. I look for Hall to have a solid game and share the carries with the other guys. It should be well in hand early so that could play a factor in getting some backups some reps but I will still be following Hall’s performance closely.

2. Offensive Line

The starting 5 of this offensive line are as good as any in the country so it isn’t the first team that I am talking about here. I am talking about the 2nd team. If one of these guys goes down (knock on wood) we may be in some trouble. Meyer praised the second team o-line today in his press conference but again I am a bit of a pessimist and want to see it on the field.  I am hoping for is a blowout by halftime and then the second team can get some meaningful reps.

1. Braxton Miller

Johnny Manziel made his name in games like this. Putting up gaudy stats that helped him hoist the Heisman trophy.  I expect that type of performance from Braxton Miller. It has been said over and over that his mechanics are better and he is a different quarterback so now is the time to show it. I want Braxton to drop the hammer on these guys! I’m talking 300+ passing and 50-60 rushing with 3-4 total TDs. If that happens and it should the Heisman hype machine will be in full swing and he will have silenced the doubters.

So what does this all mean? ….

I’ve got the Buckeyes big here at 56-10

What do you guys think?



Errands, Exploring Yale and Eating Mango

Hi friends! Here is a quick recap of our weekend.

Friday: I was so excited for Cody to get home on Friday after being apart for the majority of the week  while I was working in Connecticut.  We were able to catch up on the week and had a delicious dinner together.

Saturday:   On Saturday we hit the bike bath for our long run of the week, which went pretty well.  The rest of the day errands were the name of the game.  We went to Starbucks, Victoria Secret, Target, Express, Pier 1, Sam’s Club, and the grocery store. Wayyy too many errands.

I have been looking at this jacket from Express so we stopped in for me to try it on for the second time.  I LOVE how the jacket fits and we have a coupon.. but I haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

Biker Jacket

It’s so nice to get all of your major errands finished on Saturday so Sunday you have a bit of a break.

Sunday:  We work up early to drive to Connecticut to work for a few hours before exploring the area.  We drove around Yale’s campus, which was SO fun.  The campus was absolutely gorgeous.

We went into the Yale bookstore and grabbed two mugs.  We decided mugs were much more grown up than shirts; however, I ended up with a Hello Kitty mug.  I can’t say no to Hello Kitty :P


Cody kept joking that we  looked like Freshmen walking around.  After driving around the campus we decided to grab lunch at Whole Foods before heading home.  We grabbed a bunch of goodies that our grocery store doesn’t carry … get on that ShopRite!  I also somehow walked out the door with a pound and a half of dried mango.  I am obsessed with dried mango, which is starting to become a very unhealthy obsession.

We came home a little earlier than we planned to take Carmen for a walk to tucker her out. The walk did the trick! Seriously how adorable is this picture? Her paw is actually in my running shoe.


We food prepped and then FaceTimed with my family who was celebrating my Dad’s birthday. I wish I could have been there to celebrate with them but it was nice to see them!  Cody and I finished the night with relaxing and Cody drafting his fantasy football team.

Overall it was a great weekend :)

What was the best part of your weekend?




Life Lesson….It’s all about the feedback

I thought I could change it up today and share a little life lesson that I have learned this week. It’s all about the feedback. When it comes time in the year to give an employee a review or even if you are receiving one its a stressful time. You are essentially telling someone or being told how you perform in a few paragraphs. This year I had the duty of delivering 29 reviews and the biggest lesson I learned was feedback! Giving feedback throughout the year and having frequent meetings to assess where you are will go a long way. There will be no surprises after that as you both will be on the same page. This is something that I learned this year and need to continue to get better at as this following year unfolds. But with all things you take your lumps learn and move on. Take ever up or down as a learning experience and apply it going forward. As the old adage goes. What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger.


Fashion Friday: City Living

It’s finally Friday and time for another Fashion Friday post!
  • This week has been long  as I had a marketing job in Connecticut for the week.  It was nice to feel purpose and be able to talk to people all day long but I’m glad to be back home with Cody now.  We are headed back on Sunday for a few hours but after that I’m all finished!
  • Next weekend we have been talking about heading down into the city with a few of our friends that will be visiting.  City living is what inspired this Fashion Friday.
  • I’m obsessed with leather and studs right now.. and they are EVERY WHERE. Literally.  So this outfit is perfect for day/night in the city.  The weather has started to cool down into the low 60′s during the evening so this leather jacket will be perfect to keep me warm.  I love all of the gold studded accessories and the unexpected pop of red color.  Flat shoes are the perfect option since city living involves plenty of walking!
City Living
What do you think of this outfit? What fashion trend are you loving right now?

Every “NO” is One Step Closer to “YES”

This morning I was watching a youtube video and drinking my morning cup of tea.  The video was a discussion between a few women and the topic of rejection came up.  More specially they were discussing how to not become discouraged if you are rejected for a job.  The actor of the group explained that she was told “every no is one step closer to yes.”


This concept really hit home for me.  I have been searching for a full-time position within the public health field for a few months now.  I apply for several jobs a day and I have yet to hear a “YES” back from any of the positions.  I have been feeling really discouraged about finding a job.

This quote really put things into perspective for me.  I just need to keep plugging away and I will find a full-time position.

Each “NO” that I receive is just one step closer to me saying “YES” to my dream job.


Have you had the opportunity to say yes to your dream job?


Inside a Perfect Season….Check the Spread

Whats the first thing that you check when your team’s schedule is released? The spread, right? Well maybe you don’t but I always like to see what Vegas has to say about my team and their chances in each game. With this in mind and the fact that that the college football season is right around the corner (FINALLY!!!!!!!!) I thought it might be fun to take a look at the past six undefeated untied seasons in Ohio State football history and look at their average margin of victory. The six seasons in question are 1916, 1944, 1954, 1968, 2002, and who can forget last season 2012.

So I threw all the data in an excel file to see what I could find. When all was said and done the average points for OSU/game was 32.1 and the opponents average/game was 11.9 leading to a average spread of 20.2 points/game. After seeing the numbers the first thing that immediately jumped out at me was the opponents 11.9 points per game. This reflects the old adage “defense wins championships.” This number is somewhat helped out by the 1916 squad who only gave up a little over 4 points/game but we will let it slide.

In terms of this upcoming 2013 season and Ohio State’s bid at perfect season number seven goes back to defense. History has shown us that defense is the key to winning championships.  Ohio State’s defense last season was good but not national championship caliber. Now at the end of the season after Zach Boren switched over to linebacker they got much better as a unit but the whole body of work was less than spectacular (22.8 points/game against). That is 10.9 points/game higher than the average undefeated team in Ohio State history.

So where does that leave us? It leaves us with a clear indicator for the season: the defense. If the likes of Ryan Shazier, C.J. Barnett, and Bradley Roby can lead this young defense and hit on all cylinders from game one this could be a special season; however, we won’t know until they lace em up on August 31st…….Can’t Wait!


WILW: ASOS Leather Scallop Edge Shopper

Hi friends, we have made it to the half way point in the week! Hurray! I don’t know about you but I’m ready for it to be the weekend already.

For this weeks WILW (What I’m Loving Wednesday) I’m loving the…

ASOS Leather Scallop Edge Shopper Purse

ASOS Black Leather Purse

I received the ASOS Leather Scallop Edge Shopper Purse as a surprise from Cody yesterday.  Cody often goes through my Pinterest page to come up with gift ideas for me and found this pin a few weeks ago.  The purse was half price (Originally: $126.57) when Cody ordered the purse from ASOS.  If you aren’t familiar with ASOS it is a fashion website where you can find great deals and they have free shipping both ways (such a great plus!).

This purse is absolutely perfect for using as a professional briefcase, which is exactly why I had my eye on it.  I can not wait to use this purse on an interview and to carry to work each and every day. I love how the purse is professional, yet girly at the same time. The scalloped detail on the edges of the purse are lovely.  The purse is a really good quality and 100% genuine leather.  


Inside the purse is composed of: middle zipper pouch (perfect for important items); side zipper pocket; and phone pocket.  The center zipper pouch splits the bag into two sides that are able to hold my laptop and notepad perfectly (with room to spare!).

ASOS Leather Bag

Overall, I am thrilled with this new leather bag. I can’t wait to rock it at my next interview.


**Currently, the black version of this purse is sold out. However, the brown version is still available at a discounted price ($101.26)! Brown version found below:


What is your current favorite purse to carry?